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19 Jul '17

Twig and Tale

Posted by Ellies Handmade

I've recently discovered the wonderful world of Twig and Tale patterns, and as the name suggests this darling pattern company is all about a natural look, with designs that allow for kids to really be free, both comfort wise and with the ability to create tales of adventure and wonder. So far I have made several of their patterns up for my son and daughter, and I just love them!

Here is a few of my favourites!

I used the Little Red Riding Hood Cape pattern and extended it down to "a really super long cape" at Miss Ellie's request, this little cape has already been made favourite in our dress up box. I did cheat a little and decided to leave it unlined, and edge it in a lace that I bought from a vintage sale. (if you want to see how to extend the cape pattern to floor length, follow the blog post here)

Recently I made the Driftwood Blouse, a simple and sweet smock style with a bias neckline (there are quite a few options, including dress lengths and various sleeve lengths. Ellie wears this one with jeans quite often.

Last but not least I truly love the love the Wild Things Coat - both my son and daughter benefit from the pattern (actually, many of the Twig and Tale patterns are unisex - I am guilty of not sewing a lot for Jack). This year Ellie chose the bunny version and Jack the little Bear. 

While rummaging through my Nannas sewing room this winter I found a piece of wool at the bottom of a crate, which Nan told me she bought some 25 years earlier for a skirt for work that she never made, erm BINGO, perfect size for Master Jacks new coat.


Ellie chose a bunny, so we used a vintage Liberty Twill fabric for the outer, and a friend gave me some of the lining (some kind of cross between a fur and a shearling type fabric?) but its lovely and soft and super warm.

Hope you have loved reading about these lovely patterns, and have fun sewing them up!


Happy Sewing