Sewing Room Makeover

Posted by Ellies Handmade on

Over the last 6 years or so my sewing room has always been a little bit of a work in progress. By nature, I love to rearrange furniture in our home, always searching for the perfect flow and look! Of course the sewing room has had many many changes, with the addition of new machines, fabric and sewing ''stuff'' there is always the need to keep things organised and tidy.
I recently won a fantastic prize package from Cricut - including the gorgeous champagne coloured Cricult Maker. I dedicated a whole area to this section, so there is enough room to use the Maker and the Easy press on the table and not have it stored away. I hung all the cool little tools and the mats directly on the wall using handy 3M hooks. I have all the vinyls and papers stored in a some stackable draws too, which keeps it all organised. My wonderful friend, Sarah Scott, from Piccolo Studio made the most gorgeous fabric bunting for me, which is the perfect inspirational piece to hang directly above this area! Sarah made the CREATE bunting using the upcoming Michael Miller fabric range - Little Sewists - designed by the company I design patterns for - Little Lizard King. Isn't it gorgeous?! There are Little Sewists pieces all over my sewing room, the fabric makes me sew happy!

In the past 12 months, I've been really committed to sewing my existing fabric stash, and have it down to just 9 cubes on my shelf. I use handy comic boards to wrap the fabric around them, which holds them nicely and keeps them neat. Its great to see what is actually on my shelves clearly too! I bought a few packs from eBay, and they fit perfectly into the cubes. 

I found these great mini jars at our local store, which keeps my size tags separate and in order. How pretty are the little rose gold lids?!

I had a lot of wall space near my embroidery machine, so with the help of my trusty 3M hooks again, i keep all my little sewing notions hanging from them and don't have to go hunting every time I need to find things like my button gauge or bias tape makers.
The Birch tutorial on how to make these gorgeous little fabric baskets is a fantastic way to use up some scrap, and create fun little storage units for your sewing room.

I also love having a peg board to hang lots of things like labels, cottons, scissors, rulers etc. Its so useful and looks fun! Another storage unit i love is the Ikea RASKOG trolley - i love that i can wheel it around and have it next to me at the sewing table if i need it. (Ellie is wearing the Malibu dress here - one of my fave patterns).

In keeping with the Little Sewists theme through my sewing room, i designed this free pincushion pattern  which is a fabulous way to use up some scrap fabric. This particular little girl on the Little Sewists fabric is inspired by my daughter, Ellie. How cool is that? The whole range was designed by my fabulous friend and co worker - Elise - check our her amazing work here.

So that's pretty much where my sewing room is up to now... its ever changing and improving so Im sure ill have some more updates soon!