Blooms & Bobbins - New Fabric by Melissa Mora for Riley Blake!

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Who wouldn't fall in love with beautiful florals, AND sewing prints all rolled into one collection? Melissa Mora of Melly Sews designed Blooms & Bobbins for Riley Blake Designs with a beautiful garden viewed perfectly from a sewing room. 

Something that I have always loved about Riley Blake  is that they absolutely nail their pinks and blues - always such gorgeous shades! It was a tough decision to choose which fabrics to work with for this project... but I couldn't go past the Blue Bobbins Main and Pink Bobbins Stitches Sparkle (the little gold stitches are actually metallic! GORGEOUS!)

I decided to make the very first pattern I designed for Little Lizard King - Bellevue.
The stitches were just perfect for contrasting straps... and I made a small variation to the pattern too. I decided to add a small contrast band to the hem. To do this, I simply reduced the skirt cut length by the finished length i wanted the contrast band to be. In this case, i wanted a 1.5'' contrast hem. 

Skirt Cut Length 17'' - less 1.5'' = new skirt cut length 15.5''

For the contrast band, I cut this on the fold, so that I only had the one seam at the hem of the skirt. Folded it needed to be 3'' wide PLUS my seam allowance, so I cut my contrast band at 4'' wide. 

Once pressed, it gave me a 2'' wide band, which when attached with a .5'' seam allowance fave me a finished contrast band width of 1.5''! Simple right?

I love the finished look it adds to the skirt. Ellie loved wearing it, we decided the perfect location would be to head to The Grounds of Alexandria, one of our favourite cafes. They just happened to have it decorated Aladdin style, which was so gorgeous and fun for the kids to see, they even rubbed the magic lamp!


Happy Sewing!